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    Characters of Y.E.S.(Youth Execution System)

    Summery (will be updated according to how fast or how slow we move along in the story.)
        Everyon'es back at the Y.E.C. base in Texas now. (Yes, Erraticate Core) The explosion killing those many kids is now being put in the past, where it should be and the gorups have united as one and accustomed themselves to a healthy, yet challenging lifestlye at the YEC base. Neer, Serena, Maliha, and Cripsin are addapting as well after neer and serena were tested on by crazy science lunatics. Strife recently had a spaz attack and tranformed and the other four shifter think its because when Neer got his abilities to shift back, the reason he can control it easier than before, is because the other portion of his powers went to Strife. they have a plan to help strife since the powers are dangerous inside his body, but its risky, and they dont know how to even start the plan.
       Naveah's brother happens to be in Texas as well and will soon be meeting zeppelin, so we'll see how this family love plays out.
       So to sum it up, tons of drama, violence, tears, angry ppl, and crazy soldiers happenin Very Happy

    PEOPLE BACK AT THE MANSION(heh nevermind, that blew up):

    Healers: Tao
    Fighters:Sam,Bri, Strife, Zero, Cleff, Mak, Zeppelin, Naveah
    Trainers: Skyler,
    Trainees: Akeila, Eithan, Veria, Dracy, Katann, Joey,  Hunter, Carter, Wren,  Nilla, Logan, Rori,  Jack, Sol, Monty, Conrith
    Kids: Fallon, Carrie (sry didnt get her stats)

    Other People in Seattle:

    Short Description of Characters  P-personality, D-description

    D - 18 girl. tall and lean with amber eyes and meduim length messy black hair
    clothes: ripped up and dirty black jeans with military style combat boots and regular ripped black t-shirt
    P -  very tough and demanding but nice to the little kids and a good leader. will do anything to protect the ones she loves and very jealous, especially when it comes to strife, usually serious but also very cocky and rebellious on the inside
    D - 14 boy.  spiky blond hair with green eyes
    P - out going and sarcastic. is good with machanical things and bombs.
    D - 11 girl. short black hair in pig tails, grey eyes, has a "you suck" t shirt, jeans and combat boots.
    P - mysterious likes to talk to people. Knows how to survive. enoys kicking ass.  knows more curse words than an 11 year old girl should.
    D - 17 boy.  curly brown hair (short) dark skin. Dark eyes. Jeans and t t shirt.
    P - goofy clumsy. protective over Kendal. determined to make her safe and happy. loves hanging around with everybody else
    D - 18 boy. Description: shaggy shoulder length black hair that covers most of his face except part of one eye. Deep blue eyes. Tall. Black boots, black cargo pants, black shirt, black cloak with a high red collar. (Has a slight Australian accent.)
    P -  not really comfortable around anyone but his dead sister and kendal. doesnt say allot. absolutely hates his father and brother neer. has a bit of a cutting problem.
    D - 16 girl.  kinda of short with wavy long black hair and bangs that cut straight across her forehead very dark brown almost black eyes. clothes- usually wears a long black cloak
    P - very quiet. doesnt talk and doesnt care about anything. never yels or talks loud. like may from avatar
    D - 16 boy. short and very lean and skinny and very fast. caremal colored spiky hair and blue eyes. wears regular white teeshirt with black sweat pants and ace bandags wrapped around both his arms
    P - very hyper and talks a lot but very senstive too
    D - 14 boy. dark brown, straight, shaggy hair, a little past his ears and kinda covers his dark brown almost black eyes. light skin, is kinda short. usual wear: baggy shorts with ablue and green checkered sweatshirt and a black beanie.
    P - layed back, quiet, but is easily irritated (he'll be developed all the way lol) is funny in a quite way
    D - 16 (almost 17) boy.  has a black eye patch over an empty socket. Blue green eyes. brown black hair pulled back in a short ponytail. Clothing baggy black pants. RARELY wears a shirt Big bulky sneakers. Is also ADD
    P - kind of nuts. Likes to kill people violently and torture due to what happened to him. Cocky. over confident. obsessed with girls.
    D - 16 boy. Taller and lanky, and has pale skin with about a million freckles, wild spiky bleach blond hair. grey eyes (if you've ever seen the 10th doctor his hair is like that)
    P - very sweet and kind and understanding. Has medical anger issues ( like his father) that he uses medicine for but secrety hides it. But very nice usually. Also very tough because doesn't want to show weakness and knows as the healer has to show strength and not feel bad for everyone all the time.
    D - 15 girl. has black bob style hair with brown eyes. very skinny and boney and lethal. has olive color skin and wears jean shorts with black t shirt and tom shoes
    P -  is very tough but has a sweet side when you get to know her, will kill you with anything she finds and is inpatient
    D - 16 boy. has short cropped blond hair and gray eyes. wears normal clothes
    P -  veru suspicious of everyone and doesnt trust people
    D - 16 boy.  messy brown hair and brown eyes, tall and muscular, wears armor that he made himself
    P -  very loyal and will obey leader and quiet but actually has a lot to say but foreces self to be quiet
    D -  14 girl. shorter height long wavy chocolate brown hair.  wears suspenders over a normal white shirt. bright blue eyes
    P - absentminded. oblivious to a lot. daydreaming but very sweet and loyal/ not much of a fighter more of a healer. doesnt really pay attention to important things but cares about the well fare of others
    D - 17 boy. dirty blond hair and soft brown eyes. normal height but a tad bit muscualr then normal. wears slacks and a warm sweater he found in his room
    P - dubious, always worried and never really sure of himself or any one else. just wants to give up.
    D - 17 boy.  lanky. average height. sickly pale. short spiky hair thats half purple on one side, other side white. startling white eyes. wears pikachu sweatshirt and ripped up black jeans.
    P -  huge smoking problem. has a BRITISH ACCENT. very precise. Doesn't get mad easily. Becomes easily attached to inanimate objects. Enjoys watching people fight and tear each other apart.

    Not As Main Characters So far. may change and i just wont switch where they are though

    D - 19 boy. tall with dark red short spiky hair. wears a black metal mask with three red lines spaced above each other running through middle. a grey hoodie and badly ripped up cargo pants. amber eyes.
    P -  generally calm and steady around strangers but can get pretty darn angry. wants to do whats right and will do anything to achieve that.
    D - 15 girl. dark and mysterious but not like a demon lover like jack. doesnt talk much and keeps to self
    P - long auburn hair and dark eyes, kind of short but stout and scrappy. wears regular clothes that she stole from people in the house.
    D - 16 boy. fun lloving and always has an opinion, talks loudly and fast and doesnt stop. always tries to look on the bright side and cheer people up by doing funny and random things
    P - short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. very skinny and bony and not very stable. wears a all orange jumpsuit like the one people in prison wear and just never wanted to take it off
    D - 16 boy. shaggy blond hair that looks brown because of the dirt in it. Wide bloodshot gray eyes and ragged clothing, normal height but very lean and had thin kegs and arms and fast.
    P - skirmish and afrif of everything but once he gets used to stuff very fun loving and can be great to have around but still very paranoid and cautious
    D - 16 girl. wavy/curly honey blond hair, gray eyes and wears normals clothes with a white lab coat on top
    P -  very fun loving and nice, kind about everything but connects with stuff to easily
    D - 17 girl.  light brown with white tipped shaggy mohawk that goes into long hair at bottom. tall. camo shorts cut off at the knees. white laced tank top.
    P -  snappy. wild. protective. can be dead calm
    D - 16 girl. hot pink long hair. blue skinny jeans and a bright blue and black t-shirt
    P -  very happy. likes saying dude
    Lucas (Lu or Luke but usually Lu)
    D - 19 boy.  unattendad wild brown hair that goes in every direction. almost white never blinking blue eyes. very tall. wears a worn out t-shirt no shoes and dirty jeans
    P -really quiet but goofy once you get to know him. sarcastic a lot of times. can be very serious when it comes down to work. not very sneaky and very clumsy and also BLIND  
    D - 14 girl.  BALD. lean. short. Light brown eyes. pale skin with freckles. always has a bandana or some kind of beanie on so people wont notice her baldness.
    P - doesnt like to be around allot of commotion. tends to shy away. is thankful for her chance at life. hates seeing any other life being destroyed. doctors found a way for her to live a normal life only needing to go to CHEMO therepy twice a month.
    D - 25 girl. has naturally blond hair that she dies and wears a ton of make up, not in a girly way in an interesting type of way and is a complete artist when it comes to tattoos. which she has many of
    P -   outgoing and blunt about everything, optomisitc but very protective to her clients and will point out the obvious or say whatever she thinks has sort of a jersey accent
    D - 12, girl. Short above the shoulder length light brown hair, hazel eyes. longsleeve shirt and shorts. has a weird disease in her hands that was caused by the YES experimenting on her.
    P - distant, listens to people intently, kind and quite.

    Near's Crew

    D - 20 boy.   used to have rich blue hair (naturally. kinda shifter thing)but now has whitish blue hair, striaght almost shoulder length hair that completely covers his hazel eyes but he can still see perfectly fine.
    P -  gets ticked off easily. fights for himself and serena (who travels with him now) only. very rude, not to good at being sympathetic
    D - 20 girl. has golden hair wavy hair and has deep emerald eyes. pale skin and semi tall but very lithe and skinny
    P - when angry very rude and is calculating like her aunt which she is scared forever by, absolutely over protective of neer and usually hates being protected except by neer,very forgiving and understanding when you get to know her more, which only neer does.
    D - 16 (almost 17)  has dark red hair and gold eyes. hair is long and stringy. has tan skin and scars all over her back and face from her last run in with the shifters.
    P - defensive over crispen and always alert. very loyal but if she doesnt believe in something then wont do it. also a little crazy
    D - 13 boy.  white-white wavy hair. a white long-sleeved shirt put on backwards and worn out light grey jeans. Grey eyes. Super skinny, eats a lot but never gains a thing
    P -  very friendly and shy at the same time, doesnt talk at all except for an ocasional animal-like noise. Very spazzy and quick.
    + Kendal

    Dead People That Like to Randomly Pop in Smile

    D - girl 12. Strife's sis. has long wavy black hair and deep blue eyes like strife. wears a flowing white dress. can change into any form she wants
    P -  used to be very vulnerable and weak as a human but now has learned to control her powers and is out for revenge. protective over her brother. but not neer
    D - Kendal's dead older bro
    P - ...
    D - old resistance leader.
    P - ...[/color][/color]
    D - 14 girl. Likes to wear dresses but has to wear a skirt and shirt.Blue eyes and dyed Velvet Red hair.
    P - Girly and wants everyone to like her. Also wants revenge on the YES.
    D - 10 girl. Long black hair(always in side ponytail),average height and strength
    P - Quiet,gentle,caring,worried about her brother
    D - 18 boy. Short brown hair(spiked up in front),tall,strong
    P - Kind,agile,ready to attack,but afriad fail. doesnt like being apart from others
    D - 13 boy. Medium blonde hair(messy),short,kinda strong
    P - Loud and obnoxious,but good stealth and cover
    Sharik(nickname shark)
    D - 15 boy. shaggy blonde hair,t-shirt that says jaws 3, skinny jeans,osiris sneakers,hazel eyes
    P - gets overly attached to things but can let loose and be fun
    D - 15 girl. dark auburn hair, pixie cut, almost white eyes. normal height. typical clothing - cargo pants with a ton of pockets. a converse shirt she stole from a store, no shoes.
    P - you never really know what she's thinking. she makes a llot of lies because she's used to it. not mean though
    Makiah (Mak)
    D -16 boy. lanky. bright short cut orange hair with light green eyes. DEAF. Clothes - "kill zombies. Eat brains" shirt. Orange Skinny jeans.
    P -  spazzy makes stupid jokes sometimes. really likes bri, always nervouse and trying to see everything thats going on since he's DEAF
    D - 25 girl. normal height for her age. pale, skinny. shoulder length brown/aburn hair with soft brown eyes. wears a normal blouse and pants under her lab coat
    P - smart and timid to people she doesnt know and who could kill her easily. very nice and polite to everyone except her good friends. knows a lot about the war but just wants it to end.

    Misa : I cant even imagine a world without Light
    L : yes it would be quite dark

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